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by Paul Koutras March 25, 2018 2 Comments

When it concerns shaving and facial grooming, black men are often faced with an unique set of difficulties. Their hair that is naturally coarse, thick, and is normally curly and tightly coiled which increases the probability of ingrown hairs. Therefore, when the hair grows back after a shave, it curls back into the skin, resulting in painful razor bumps. For black men with beards, the additional facial hair represents something more significant- a reprieve from the potential undesirable side effects of shaving. Growing a beard is one of the very best solutions to the issue, and with the following beard care tips, you can enjoy the full benefits of your brand new facial hair.


Close up of Razor Bumps

Patchiness is another problems black men experience when growing their beards, so having the right products on hand can help the hair to grow uniformly.

Here are a couple of essential facial care and beard upkeep tips to keep in mind.

Black Men Beard Care Tips

Use The Right Products

Because black men need extra moisture to keep their beards from becoming dry and breakable, it is necessary they use beard grooming items that hydrate their facial hair and skin. Unfortunately most soaps and shampoos actually dry your skin and strip your facial hair of their natural oils. We recommend not buying store purchased commercial soaps and shampoos. Instead we suggest utilizing natural hot processed soaps or cleansing oil for beard cleaning and all-natural beard oils and beard balms for hydrating and conditioning.

Beard Wash For Black Men: Use Natural Shampoo and Conditioner for Beard Cleanliness

If you've been using regular hair shampoo for your beard, you may have observed that your face usually is irritated or scratchy not long after cleaning your beard.
Caring for your specific hair type needs a little more attention. Your facial hair benefits from moisture, and you shouldn't shampoo it too often. For your hair up top, you likely clean it once a week; perhaps less, possibly more, its all individual. For your beard, apply comparable concepts. Start out cleaning it with a beard shampoo once a week, and judge how your beard hair recuperates. If it feels too oily or unclean, try as often as every couple of days. The objective is to guarantee you're deep cleaning anything you may have missed when you shower or wash your face. You want to guarantee you're promoting beard growth.

Constantly use beard oil after using beard shampoo. Though beard shampoo is created to cleanse without removing your moisture, it's best to include extra protection.

Beard Oil For Black Men: Add Beard Oil to Your Routine

After you've cleaned and conditioned your beard, utilize an oil to hydrate your beard and your skin underneath. Beard oils can also reduce the opportunities of skin inflammation and ingrown hairs. You can utilize grapeseed, apricot, jojoba or other natural oils to add shine to your beard. These oils are likewise safe for your skin. Scented versions are readily available as well, which makes these oils perfect to utilize as a cologne
Make certain that the fragrant oils you utilize are made from natural active ingredients, so that your skin will not become red or inflamed. Essential oils are much better than fragrances. If you're growing a beard for the very first time, or are starting the beard growing process once again, beard oils are especially important during the first six weeks.

Black Men With Beards Must Be Patient When Growing

The initial stages of development can be difficult. You may experience some razor bumps as hair begins to grow in. Do not stress, the longer you let your hair grow, the less bumps you'll have. Likewise, you'll see particular areas of your beard that appearance patchy, or locations that grow in thicker than others. Resist the temptation to begin styling or cutting it up until after at least 4 weeks. You have to see the full picture to comprehend the best styling choices for your specific development patterns.

Beard Conditioner For Black Men: A Beard Moisturizer Is The Key

Every man needs to moisturize his beard, as this promotes healthy growth and keeps the skin below in excellent condition. However, black men with beards need to never ever avoid hydrating. Your hair naturally needs more oil, and the sebaceous glands on your face, which produce oil, will not generate sufficient moisture for both your skin and your beard. You require reinforcements but from the right products. Use natural beard oils. These are necessary oils instilled with natural components that supply fresh scents, lasting moisture, and prevent typical beard concerns like irritation, flakes, and irritation. 

Beard Balm For Black Men: Shape and Protect

You should also think about beard balm as an additional protectant. Like your hair on your head, you require a sealant to help trap the moisture. Beard balm can serve this function. It also has some beeswax in it that can help with shaping your beard which is a nice bonus.



Beard Combing & Styling Tips

Invest in a beard comb for your daily styling. Your beard comb should have smooth teeth. We recommend wooden beard combs. Due to the fact that your hair is curly and coiled, it will break quickly if you use a comb with sharp teeth. Gently comb through your beard to design it as you please and to detangle. When your hair is twisted, it stunts the growth and can cause split ends. Likewise, utilize your beard comb to uniformly spread beard oil and beard balm throughout your beard.



Depending on your growth and personal design, you may likewise think about a moustache comb, and a beard brush might be beneficial for the earlier stages of development, primarily to complete irregular areas and control the instructions of your growth.

For black men with beards, correct care and hydrating are important for healthy hair and skin, and to ward off those annoying shaving problems for good.

In summary

The principles above are failry common for all guys staright across the board but in cases where the hair is course and where the beard and folicles are more prone to being dry and brittle, it is very important to be a much more focused on keeping things healthy and moisturized. Search for beard oils crafted with natural oils. Make certain any included scents in the beard oil are made with all-natural essential oil blends rather than fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are made with undisclosed components, and can be filled with severe chemicals that can aggravate skin and dry hair. Essential oils, however, can really have a beneficial effect on skin and facial hair. We suggest utilizing a beard oil after washing your beard, when it's almost dry.

Follow up with a quality, 100% natural beard balm. Most great beard balms will have the very same moisturizers that are discovered in beard oils, but will also consist of butters and waxes that serve as sealants to assist keep in the natural oils and keep your hair and skin hydrated. You'll likewise get the added benefit of the beard balm helping make your beard appear thicker.

Your Bearded Checklist:

When you choose to grow a beard, make certain you have the following products to help get your started on the right track:

Beard Soap: look for natural soaps that have not had the naturally created glycerin eliminated. This makes a more moisturizing soap.

Beard Oil: ensure your beard oil consists of  natural oils. Stick with necessary oils and prevent artificial scent oils.

Beard Balm: your beard balm needs to include both sealants, such as shea butter and beeswax, in addition to moisturizers in the way of natural provided oils.

Beard Comb: a good beard comb will have teeth with smooth edges. Low-cost combs will have teeth with sharp edges, which will trigger facial hair to snap or break when combing.


Having the right tools and info is half the battle of growing your best beard. The rest is patience. Stick with it and before you know it, you'll be sporting an awesome,thick, luxurious beard.

Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

2 Responses

Vincent Jordan
Vincent Jordan

August 06, 2019

This article helped me alot I’m 55 started growing my beard 3 yrs ago cut it low once but I’m going to treat it better

Albert F. Mapp Jr.
Albert F. Mapp Jr.

February 06, 2019

Great information. Found to be very informative and helpful.

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