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If you have a beard then you get it. Beard care is serious business. You went through the effort and patiently grew it to the length you wanted. Now in order to get the best appearance out of your hard earned beard you need to take care of it. Beard Grooming can be very easy if you use the proper beard products. 
In order to keep you're beard clean you'll need a good wash, that's an absolute must. You'll also need a comb to help untangle it as well as oil and balm to keep it healthy, shiny, styled, and smelling great.
It's just like anything else, use the proper tools for the job. It just happens that this job is you looking your bearded best.



Growing and maintaining a beard and to a larger extend you overall personal style and fashion are very subjective. So before anything else is said I'll say "Everything is personal preference and there is no real right or wrong. If it looks awesome and it feels right for you then everyone wins". Everyone is unique in appearance and have their own fashion goals. Some people are capable of growing massive, thick beards while others not so much. The important thing is to work with what we have and create the best you. The first step in that is creating your very own personalized beard care kit. Why buy a pre-made kit when you can put together all the components that work best for you.

Another thing to mention early is that there are no magical products that will grow you a beautiful beard overnight. That would be nice but the reality is they don't exist. The best way to get your beard to grow is to keep it healthy. Just like a healthy head of hair grows much faster and looks much better than abused unmaintained hair, so it is with facial hair.

I firmly believe the best beard care kit is the one that you design yourself. Find individual products that work best for you and use those as your kit. A custom built kit is almost always better than one that has been pre-manufactured..

So with that being said lets delve into the 6 products for the best beard care kit.


Almost the entirety of your growing efforts are based on face and beard health.

Just like your hair, if you periodically trim your beard it will get rid of any damaged hair which leads to better growth.

Now this might or might not be an important part of your kit depending either on how much you trust yourself with a set of scissors or trimmers. Finding a barber that is good at beard work can sometimes be challenging and bad or lacking experiences have caused many a bearded owner to do better themselves. If you have the confidence then thins might be the best option for you as it's convenient and lets face it, who knows what you want for a style better than you. If you aren't as confident or adventurous then finding a beard barber might be the best thing. If you are fortunate to find someone that knows their stuff then you can comfortably sit back in the chair and let them ply their trade.
Assuming you are going to keep thing tidy yourself there are a few things to consider.

First is to outline the boundaries of your beard. Knowing what you are working towards and where the limits are can't be stressed enough. You generally don't want your beard to be creeping unnaturally up your face so following your smile lines along your cheeks up to the sideburns is a good starting point.
Having your beard get out of control around your neck can appear unkept so unless that is the look you are going for that stuff will need to go. Generally about an inch below the actual jaw line is another good starting point. Start gradually cleaning things up and monitor the appearance. You might find that what suites you best is not what you expected so pay attention to detail.

Length is the second factor and it can vary quite a bit. Are you looking for thick, long and wild? Or do you want something short thin and tapered? A good set of facial scissors or trimmers can help target and thin things out. Regardless of objective most will agree that tidying up the bottom of your mustache area close to your lip and the area under your bottom lip will lead to a better eating experience.
Once you are close to where you want to be then you want to move on to cleaning the area up with a razor.


Many would say it doesn't matter what kind of razor you use but we are very partial to safety razors. These also go by the names double edge razor or single blade razor and are the best shave you'll get at home. Less irritation along with a closer shave is all the reason most need to make the switch. Add in some preshave oil , shaving soap and witch hazel aftershave and you'll never look back.
This step will bring the outline of your beard to life so pay special attention and gradually work towards the shape you want.
Ok, so a razor isn't really for growth but it lends a hand to shaping and making sure the growth that happens looks amazingly groomed.


One of the biggest stigmas in regards to beards is that they are dirty. Like anything else this really depends on the individual. Just like your hair, your body, and your clothes, if you don't clean things they are inevitably going to get dirty and stink. If you treat your face like your scalp and your beard like your hair there will be now issues whatsoever. Of course to do that you'll need some help. This is where a good wash wash comes in. There are many different products and ways to clean your beard but we like to make things simple while remaining the most effective. Our natural wash is healthy and works wonders on your beard.
The other big reason to use an effective wash is once again, beard health.
A dry beard or a dry face will lead to poor growth. Dry facial hair will be more prone to breakage and leave things in an overall unhealthy state.

Our all natural beard wash is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin but really gets things clean. At the same time it conditions and moisturizes all while smelling great. While showering just lather up some soap and scrub down your beard. You can do your body, hair and beard all with one product. It doesn't get any easier or better than that.
Once done towel it off getting as much water out as possible.


After washing your beard you'll want to comb it out and get rid of any snags. There are many different types of beard combs and brushes. We prefer Sandalwood Combs. These are excellent for so many reasons all relating back to keeping your beard healthy.

Smooth and much gentler than plastic or metal products
Primitive Outposts beard comb is anti-static which will help eliminate frizz and prevent hair breakage attributed to static build up.
Helps to stimulate your face and promote hair health by distributing oils evenly throughout your beard .
Helps to achieve a shiny and lustrous look. Prevent hair dryness thus reducing split end damage and hair breakage.
Less dryness and breakage equals better beard growth.


No doubt you've heard about them but what do they do. Beard oil is a way of nourishing your beard and to keep it moisturized. Of course a moisturized beard is a soft beard. Like all things not all beard oils are created equally and you'll want something with a perfect balance of not leaving an oily feeling but still lasting for the majority of the day. They also come scented so you can smell awesome as well.

Primitive Outposts Beard Oils are also effective for people just growing beards in. If you've gone through that process it can get extremely itchy and oil can really help with that.
Beardruff is also a common issue with beard owners. There is nothing worse than looking down and seeing white flakes all over the front of your shirt. Its completely avoidable and you can minimize or completely eliminate it by putting a little beard oil on your fingers and hands and massaging it into your face under the beard.
Just like a healthy scalp helps hair grow a healthy face under your beard helps your beard grow. Moisturize the beard and the skin for maximum results.


Beard oil is fantastic at moisturizing but lacks the ability to shape your beard. This is where a beard balm comes in. It has some beeswax added so you can get a little more control of styling and shaping needs. Primitive Outpost has what we feel is the best beard balm. We offer both an extra conditioning formula with moderate hold and an extra hold for those really stubborn beards with minds of their own.
Using a little of both beard oil and balm gives you the best of both worlds for moisturizing and styling.
Beeswax ability to create a protective barrier and seal in moisture without blocking pores and allowing things to breathe naturally is a huge protective and health benefit that will help grow your beard faster.

So there you have it. What we feel are the best products to have in your beard care kit. No need for a pre-assembled kit. Pick out the best individual products and make your own kit.
Having a clean, healthy beard is quite simple if you take the time to care for it. Give it a little TLC and it will quickly grow into the beard you've always wanted.
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