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Moustache Wax

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Primitive Outposts moustache wax is designed to control and shape any moustache into any style while also offering deep conditioning properties that contribute to healthy growth. Add in the fact that it adds shine and thickness and you have the recipe for the best moustache wax for any situation and environment.


What style are you?


Looking for an amazing, firm, handlebar style? We can help.
Looking for a casual, controlled moustache? We can help with that too.
If you are looking for a really casual, light hold then we can help with our Extra Conditioning Beard Balm.
When we started designing our moustache product we decided that the end result should be something that's good for all style types and just works. So, we started with our slider tin. Strong by design and convenient by design. Grab the lip and pull. It'll slide back the lid to reveal the best moustache wax on the market while remaining natural. Try it, we're sure you'll agree. Next, as with all Primitive Outpost products we went with quality ingredients and tweaked the recipe until it was just right.


Made in Canada


All of our products, including our natural moustache wax are made in Canada. This allows us to control the quality so you get the best product possible. In this case it's a natural moustache product that lasts, smells great and most importantly has exceptional hold.
Primitive Outpost prides itself on using quality ingredients for products that won't break the bank. You don't need to sacrifice quality and effectiveness for affordable products.


Take it with you


Our super convenient slider tins and perfect to take with you. Throw it in your pocket or gym bag and be ready when the moment strikes.
How to use moustache wax:
Any quality facial hair wax will be very firm and in need of warming before use. From our experience almost all application problems are due to the wax not being heated enough. Here's a quick guide of how to use it right. Don't worry, it's real simple.


1. Hair Dryer


The wax is designed to stay firm until you need to apply it. If you are at home the hair dryer is your friend. You can warm the wax up with your hair dryer. Move the hair dryer around to warm the open tins top surface in its entirely. You want it warm and soft, not melted.


2. In Your Pocket


The best way and also the most convenient way to use the wax is to just keep it in your pocket. In most cases your bodies temperature will help to keep your moustache product soft. If you are the cold blooded type and are having a hard time scraping some off then revert to the hair dryer. If you are on the move then a hand dryer can do the job.


How to appy


1. Scrape out what you need


Everyone's facial hair growth will be different so you'll need to find your perfect amount. Suffice it to say, it'll only be a small amount. Use the back of your finger nail to scrape some out.


2. Form the wax


Roll the wax you just scraped out. This will distribute it across your finger tips and keep it pliable.


3. Put the wax on you stache


Apply it by working it into your awesome mustache. Start in the center and work your way out. Style it to your desired level of awesomeness. Remember, you don't need much wax.




Candililla Wax


Candililla wax is a vegan substitute for beeswax, but we find it works better in conjunction with beeswax. It has similar properties, from its texture to its conditioning and skin protection.
The biggest difference is this wax is harder than beeswax and has a higher melting point. Once it has been applied to your mustache and had time to cool it offers excellent long term hold.




Beeswax adds volume to your moustache while also offering styling control. Very important in moustache products. It also adds shine so you look great.
It also creates a natural subtle coating that helps to protect against environmental factors. If you are from a dusty, windy or cold location then you'll really appreciate it.


Grapeseed Oil


This oil is excellent for moisturizing dry hair but is lighter than most other oils so you don't get that saturated, greasy feeling. It'll help to seal in moisture and eliminate brittle hair and split ends all while being almost completely odorless.


Castor Oil


Castor oil is a natural antiufungal/ antibacterial and has loads of Vit E, proteins, and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. It also has antioxidants that support keratin. This leads to stronger and less frizzy hair in general.
Oh, and it conditions/ moisturizes well too.


Natural based moustache wax vs a petrochemical based product?


If you know us, you'll know we are not a fan of chemical/synthetic ingredients because your health should always come first. But to each his or her own. In addition to the health side of things there is another huge benefit.
Our waxes and oils will be absorbed into the hair and condition it. This creates a healthy moustache which in turn will be stronger, give you better growth and look better all around.
Petroleum Jelly does the opposite. It forms a barrier around the hair shaft offering none of the much needed conditioning in the process.


 Part Of A Team


Our moustache balm lineup is just one part in a team of products. It's confident enough to stand alone but works better as part of a team. Having the ability to add beard oil, beard balm, and beard shampoo into the mix gives you options and also helps you achieve your best look. 


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