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Your facial hair needs to be healthy which means you need beard oil for growth and for a healthy looking beard. Primitive Outpost beard growth oils are the best beard softener and growing tool consisting of a special blend of carefully selected carrier oils that are accented with essential oils. Since they're designed to be lightweight they are quickly absorbed and don't give you a greasy beard but they will leave your beard nourished for hours. Our oils also help to drastically reduce beard itch as well as beardruff. With our beard growing oil you'll have a soft, healthy, well conditioned beard that smells great in no time. Finally, a perfectly balanced beard oil Canada (and the rest of the world since we ship worldwide).
There are a number of beard items that can help with achieving your best beard but none are as universally popular as beard softener oil. Primitive Outpost beard grooming oils works wonders on all beard lengths as well as all hair types making it the best beard growth product. Despite the name, our oil also works wonders on moustaches. Of course, if you have a big ol' moustache you are probably looking for our moustache wax.



If you have a dried out, brittle beard then beard softening oil is for you.
If your beard is dull and lifeless then you might want some oil for that facial hair of yours. I'm pretty sure you grew it to look awesome.
If you beard is a little unruly or a tangled mess then beard oils can help. But if it's a true rebel and can't be tamed then you will likely want to add some of our Beard Balm into the mix since it also has wax in it and is designed for styling.
When we first started planning out our beard growing oil we knew what we were looking for. We wanted a natural formula that conditions and softens beards but is light and not greasy. As always we used only quality oils and tested until the ratios were perfect.
We also knew that a pump or straight pour wasn't going to work well, so we opted to use a dropper. This gives you the best control of how much product is being used and creates no mess.
Many beard products use synthetic fragrances but we use essential oils instead. Fragrances can contain harmful ingredients and are often the cause of scent sensitivities. No thanks.


All Primitive Outpost products, including our all natural beard oils are Canadian made. This ensures the quality control is in our hands so you get only the best. For our facial hair oil it's a natural beard softening product that lasts, isn't oily/greasy, adds shine, smells great and most importantly it conditions the hair and skin underneath.
With Primitive Outpost beard growth oils you'll get a quality product that won't cost you a fortune.



Most oils these days are using healthy carrier natural oils but there still are some that have some synthetics in the mix. Natural oils are superior in every way for moisturizing efficiently and safely. Keep in mind, if your beard is healthy then it's appearance will reflect that. Having a healthy beard that is well hydrated/conditioned with few split ends and no breakage will contribute to it's growth. So in that sense you can use beard oil for growth.
The most notable overlooked synthetic culprit is fragrance and that's exactly what it says on the bottle. That is a very sweeping word and fragrance can have many hidden compounds in, many not ideal for health reasons.
We say natural all the way, but hey, that's just us.


What makes the best beard oil?



If you've ever tried to grow a beard you've no doubt realized it’s not as easy as it might first seem. It takes weeks or even months to get the results you want and therefore requires a great deal of patience. Add in the phase of intense itching and many people quit just days or weeks into their efforts.

Believe it or not, despite all the challenges involved in growing a beard, having and maintaining your beard is even more work. Even after getting the beard to your desired length and style you might have a significant other to consider. If your facial hair smells or is rough it might be a turn off and you might face some unwanted pressure to shave it off. Grooming your beard is a must to keep it clean, healthy, and manageable but as might be expected that involves some work. You'll need to trim, shape, style, clean, and condition to keep it looking (and feeling) awesome. Thankfully there are some products that can help with the work, the most well-known being beard conditioner oil.

The thing to keep in mind is that not all oils are created equally and there are certain properties that are key in creating an awesome beard softener. "So, what makes the best beard growth oil?" That's a great question. In short it should make your facial hair soft with a healthy sheen, but there are many variables that can influence the products properties. Let’s have a look at those variables.


Carrier Oils make up the bulk of a beard conditioning oil and therefore provide the majority of the properties of the overall product. There are a great many oils that can be used each with their own benefits that will influence the beard product as a whole. Some oils are much heavier and thicker than others and if used in the wrong proportions can create an overly saturated, and oily beard. Other oils are very light and can be absorbed quickly and easily but aren’t as moisturizing and don’t provide the longevity to last the majority of the day. A good overall beard health oil will find the balance of the 2 in order to provide a long lasting result but not feel overly greasy.


Unless you are looking for an unscented variety, the oil will be scented by either fragrance oils or essential oils. Fragrance oils are synthetic scents but offer a much wider variety of possibilities. We don’t use these here at Primitive Outpost, instead we opt for essential oils which are natural and compliment the natural carrier oils. As well as being a healthier, natural option, essential oils also offer aromatherapy benefits that can provide a wide variety of mood and mental benefits.


A number of additional ingredients can be added to create the best beard growing oil but they need to make sense. If they are being added are they actually adding to the already huge list of benefits that carrier and essential oils provide.
Primitive Outpost Beard Softening Oil has Grapefruit Seed Extract added. It’s loaded in Vitamin A, C, E, anti-oxidants, as well as lycopene, beta-carotene and bioflavonoids. These are all key in overall skin and hair care. It’s also a fungicidal and anti-bacterial but for our purposes in beard care oil its most important benefit is its ability to act as a natural preservative to extend the life of natural products.


The bottle might seem like a silly thing to mention but many oils and especially essential oils need to be protected from constant exposure to sunlight. A tinted bottle, ideally an amber bottle will help to keep the properties of these oils intact longer.


Some beard styling oils have a reducer while we much prefer a dropper. In our opinion it is a much easier, allows for a more accurate measurement to be dispensed so you get reliable coverage and is just cleaner all around.


Sure a beard comb isn’t a direct property of the oil but it can influence the end result of the application. Using just your hands to distribute the oil works fine but a certain amount will get absorbed into your hands and even distribution is much trickier and time consuming. A wooden beard comb can help to evenly distribute your beard grooming product as well as gently get rid of any tangles.



So after hearing about all these ingredients and variables we still need to see results. At the end of the day it’s all about having a great looking beard so you should notice an improvement of the following:


A wiry beard can be a huge turnoff as well as a sign of your facial hair being in poor health. A dry beard will be much more susceptible to breakage and split ends. This will cause slower growth and take away from the overall appearance. A cold, dry climate will compound these problems but the good news is the solution is very simple. Using a quality beard growth product will help condition your beard keeping it soft and healthy.


Get rid of that dull and lifeless appearance. When your beard is properly tended to and is well conditioned it will look full and have a healthy shine.


  • Reduce Itchiness (Dry Skin causes itch, Beard Moisturizing Oil will help moisturize not only your beard but also your face underneath.)
  • Reduce Beard Dandruff (As mentioned above, dry skin itches and when you scratch it causes the skin the flake off and gather on your shirt front. Not cool.)
  • Smell Great (Essential Oils smell awesome. Put them on your beard to act as a subtle cologne.)
  • Makes your Facial Hair more manageable (When your beard is softer and conditioned it is easier to comb and shape.)
  • Better beard growth. If everything is healthy and happy, you should see much faster growth.


In order to create the best beard growth oil possible we have carefully selected what we feel is the best combination of oils and balanced them in the appropriate quantities to get the amazing results for your beard.


This a lightweight, easily absorbed oil that is excellent for both skin and beard and doesn’t feel greasy. High in minerals, proteins, linoleic acid and Vitamin E it helps to soften facial hair by moisturizing and conditioning.


Another lightweight oil that adds shine while being non-greasy. Apricot Oil contains lots of fatty acids as well as Vitamins A, C, and E which helps with keeping your facial hair soft.


Jojoba is actually more of a liquid wax than oil and actually very closely resembles the bodies naturally produced sebum making it ideal for use on skin and hair. It creates a thin waxy barrier over facial hair to help keep it protected and hydrated.


Here is another non-greasy oil that absorbs readily and helps to moisturize not only your beard but the face under it. Rice Bran Oil helps to normalize oil levels while strengthening your beard and giving it a shiny, healthy look.


This is a heavier oil but used in moderation it adds so many amazing benefits. It increases blood flow in the skin therefore helping your beard grow faster. It’s also contains a lot of omega’s, specifically Omega-9’s which are well known as a must for healthy hair. Castor Oil also locks in moisture which makes the strands of hair look darker and fuller.


Although Avocado is a heavier oil it is absorbed deeply into the skin and hair and helps to keep things moisturized for very long periods of time.


Pumpkin Seed Oil is another of the thicker heavier oils and it is straight up fantastic for your hair/beard. Its rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, E, K, Zinc, Iron, and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. An interesting fact is that this oil inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which has been shown to slow and stop hair growth. Add in the fact that it hydrates and protects the hair follicles while adding shine and you have a hair product superstar.


Like mentioned earlier Grapefruit seed Extract is loaded in Vitamin A, C, E, anti-oxidants, as well as lycopene, beta-carotene and bioflavonoids. It’s also a fungicidal and anti-bacterial but for our purposes in beard item its most important benefit is its ability to act as a natural preservative to extend the life of natural products.


There are also various essential oils that offer many additional benefits all in themselves.

So to sum up, the best beard grow oil will soften your beard, add shine and give you a great looking beard, as well as:

- reduce itch
- reduce beard dandruff
- make your beard more manageable
- smell great
- keep your beard and face healthy and moisturized
- not be overly greasy

Primitive Outpost Beard Maintenance Oil covers all of this criteria and is available in 6 scents as well as unscented (talk about options). So why not give it a try, we think you'll love it.


Is beard oil the best beard conditioner?


When growing a beard there are many issues that can rear their ugly head. From intense itching to Beard Dandruff to your facial hair being far too wiry. Fortunately there are ways to treat them. An obvious point is that keeping your beard clean and combed helps but the single biggest factor in maintaining your beard is moisturizing and conditioning.

Oil, Balm, and Wax are a few beard products that can help with that, but which is best? Oil is the most popular of the 3, but is oil the best beard treatment?

In our books the short answer is yes. Beard Balm and Wax can still do a great job but for just hydration and conditioning, we say Oil is the beard treatment winner.
Here's why.


Beard Softener Oils are made up 2 main components. The first is carrier oils which are the majority of the product. These natural oils are generally derived from nuts and seeds. Carrier oils have a variety of health benefits but in this case the most valuable thing they offer is that they are fantastic for conditioning hair and skin.

The second part of the mix is the scent. Some products on the market use fragrance oils but to keep things all natural you'll want to stick with essential oils. They smell great, are natural and offer benefits to your skin and hair.



Before we even start talking about Beard Softening Oils benefits on your actual beard there is your face underneath it. Have you ever heard experts talking about how a healthy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp. Well its true, and its just as true with a beard. Think of your face as the scalp. By applying oil deep down onto your skin you let the natural oils get to work.


At the root of each and every hair follicle are sebaceous glands. These produce your bodies natural sebum oil which is needed to nourish and moisturize your beard. As your beard grows in length the glands can't produce enough oil naturally to keep your skin and the hair follicles happy. This varies in time frame but is usually after a few weeks. When this happens your facial hair will start to become less hydrated and your skin will become dry and itchy.
Beard Conditioner Oil helps to moisturize your face and get rid of the itch. Simple as that.


Like we mentioned above, when the skin becomes dry you will scratch it to relieve the itch. Scratching will loosen up all the dried out skin and it will flake and gather on your clothes under your beard. Not cool.
Add some oil into the mix and it will feed and hydrate the area getting rid of the itch and the dry flaky skin.


If your beard is dry it becomes brittle which will lead to breakage and split ends. Add in a cold, dry and windy environment and your facial hair can really take a beating. When the skin and hair follicle are fully moisturized your beard will receive what it needs to be properly conditioned making it stronger and less likely to break. This also allows you facial hair to grow faster making it important yo use beard oil for growth.


Your beard shouldn't appear dull and lifeless. Using beard shine oil will give it a nice healthy sheen while also making things look fuller. At the end of the day a major benefit of having a beard is in making it look awesome.


While our beard growth oil is available in unscented varieties there are many scents that help keep your beard smelling amazing. Finding the right scent adds to your personal style.

We have a great selection of scents to keep you and your beard smelling incredible. Change your scent with your mood, seasonally or if you prefer to avoid scents completely use our Bare Bones unscented oil.

Keep in mind we use only natural ingredients and our products are scented with only essential oils, no chemical fragrances.

As you can see, the whole reason beard maintenance oils work is because of how effective they are at conditioning your face and beard. There are many types of carrier oils as well as essential oils meaning results between brands can and will vary. The best ingredients are those mixed to absorb quickly but are just heavy enough to last most of the day, all without feeling overly greasy.


The best time to apply beard oil is right after washing. After a shower is ideal since all the pores are open and can easily absorb the oil.

The process of applying oil is pretty straight forward. After you get out of the shower grab your towel and get rid of the moisture still hanging out in your beard. At this point your facial hair should just be slightly damp which is what we want. Now put a few drops in the palm of your hand and start massaging it into your beard. Starting at your skin and the base of your beard toward the ends. Depending on the size of your growth you might need a little more but start with a little and work your way up if you need it. 

Hint: After you have it evenly distributed grab your beard comb and run it through your beard to get your desired style.
  Second Hint: The oil works best after a shower and wash with our beard shampoo, but of course use as needed.

Beard Softener Oil isn't exactly a new concept. Although this product has seen a massive boom over the last several years it has been used by wise beard owners for a very long time. Many older cultures have used natural oils to keep there facial hair in good condition and protected from the climate for a very long time.

Despite all this it turns out that a large number of men don't feel a need to use beard treatment products on their beard. If your intent is to rock a great looking beard then you definitely need to look into what products work best for you and get into a routine. Beard Health Oils are so popular because they are easy to apply and get great results quickly. If you haven't already, give some a shot. It won't be long before you are wondering how you ever got by without them. 

Primitive Outpost. For all the best beard growing products.

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