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Primitive Outpost came from a love and need of natural products. During my wife's earlier candle making days we found that I had a sensitivity to the artificial scents she was using. I found it odd since I had never been bothered by fragrances in the past. Heck, I use to wear plenty of different colognes and never though twice about it. We decided to see if this was a one off reaction but sure enough once the scents got going my throat got scratchy and constricted and I was hit with a nasty headache that took the better part of a day to go away. 
As the weeks and months went on I found myself in all sorts of bad scent situations. Like in the movie theater with someone in the seat in front of me wearing enough perfume to almost chase me from the theater. It was the first movie I watched using my hoodie as a face mask.
Artificial scents
Fast forward a few years and one day in a store we ran across a diffuser shooting scent into the air. I covered my face and was going to run for cover while my wife started talking to the clerk. After a few minutes she talked me into going over to the scented area and explained the scent was actually from natural essential oils and that they don't affect people the same way. I stayed in the area expecting the worse, but it never came. It was in that moment that I realized that there was a power and truth in "Natural" ingredients. Over the next little while we realized that many of the products that we used had a natural counterpart. Creams and soaps that sometimes caused an itch or drying effect didn't cause a reaction in the natural version.  
100% natural
It was from these life lessons that Primitive Outpost was created. We produce handmade, natural products that we truly believe in and standby.
We don't use any synthetic ingredients or toxic chemicals. Instead we opt for natural waxes, oils, clays and butters. We firmly believe that people should be able to take care of their bodies without using things like parabens, artificial scents, and petroleum. 
Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, when you think of Primitive Outpost we want you think of products you can trust.
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