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*Modere products do not apply to the following as they have their own terms on their site.


How can I buy your products?

Since we are an online retailer our products are available from our site.
We are based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and can be contacted for local inquiries.
If you are a store or know a location that might want to carry our stuff, we can be contacted by clicking here.


What currency are you pricing in?

Our site defaults to showing the product prices in US Dollars but since we are based in Canada you will actually be billed in Canadian Dollars.

If you would like to get a better idea of what that is in your local currency you can use the currency drop down tab on the top right or you can take a look here.

Why should I buy from you guys?

There are lots of options for buying things these days. We have a long history in sales, business and customer service so we know how to treat people. We also know that people are looking for great quality products without paying a fortune. We are confident we offer the best in all these areas and are excited to lead the way in the natural product industry.


What if I live in the US?

That's not a problem at all. A large part of our business is shipped to the US and we offer excellent shipping rates because of it.

I love to promote stuff I like to friends and family. Do you guys have a rewards system in place for doing so?

Absolutely! There is nothing we like more than to hear that people love our stuff. If you are recommending us to people you know you should be rewarded. You should also be rewarded for being a loyal customer. That's why we have an amazing rewards program in place. If you click the tab on the bottom right of of your screen you can sign up and start earning rewards.

How do these products different from their non-natural counterparts?

Our products contain only natural ingredients while most mainstream products have a large number of synthetic ingredients. Many of these synthetic ingredients can be harmful to your skin, cause irritation, cause scent sensitivities/allergies, or worse. Taking care of yourself shouldn't potentially come at a cost.



I have some questions about shipping.

Shipping questions are covered here.



Can I return my purchase?

If you've purchased something that just isn't for you then please get in touch with us (We're very friendly and like to help).

In the case that you do want to just return something we have a 14 day return period. Just get hold of us beforehand so we know that it is being returned.

*Please note that we don't pay for return shipping and we don't refund the original shipping costs, any additionally incurred shipping costs or additional fees due to import. 

You can email us by clicking here.


I think my skin had a reaction with the product, what should I do?

Everyone's body is different and even though all of our products are created with the best natural ingredients it is possible (although very rare) your skin might not agree with something. This is why we suggest that you first test any product on a small section of skin like the back of your hand or wrist. This ensures everything in the product is fine for your specific skin makeup before you apply it to a larger area.
If you do have any sort of reaction, discontinue use immediately.



Why does it look like my liquid product it's separating or isn't mixed properly?

With the aid of chemicals nearly anything can be mixed evenly and permanently. With natural products sometimes you might get some separation. This is nothing to be concerned about as a quick shake will mix it back up. Due to this fact and for best results we highly suggest that you give your products a good shake before use.



What is Photosensitizing?

Certain Essential Oils when applied to the skin in strong concentrations (and left on) can cause a sensitivity to the sun and use should be avoided before spending time in the sun.

These oils are Citrus Based and Include:

  • Orange
  • Bergamot
  • Lemon 
  • Lime
  • Grapefruit



My product is very soft or looks like it has melted, what should I do?

Because we don't use chemicals in our products the consistency can be affected when exposed to higher temperature ranges. If the item has excessively softened or melted, simply place it in your fridge for a few hours and it will return to normal.

If your living area is constantly warm, things such as our natural deodorant might need to be stored in a cool area of you home or in the fridge.



My Body Wash Consistency Seems Thin. Is That Normal?

Yes it's perfectly normal. Due to it being a natural formulation it doesn't use chemical thickeners which inevitably leads to a thinner product. Being thinner definitely doesn't impact its performance. Place some of it in your palm and rub your hands together. You'll get a nice lather that will clean and moisturize.



What's the Difference Between you Regular Natural Deodorant and Sensitive Skin Deodorant?

Both of our formulas are all natural. The difference is the regular uses baking soda and the sensitive skin uses Magnesium Hydroxide. 



Does Your Deodorant Contain Harmful Chemicals?

No way.  
Our products contain: 
NO Aluminum Compounds.   
NO Parabens.   
NO Phthalates.   
NO Proplyene Glycol.   
     ....or any other toxic chemicals. 
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