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by Paul Koutras April 23, 2018

Lots of people opt to shave off their beard in the summertime believing it's their only choice. There are numerous people that make a routine out of shaving every summer out of worry of the heat. It makes sense in a way. This pattern is rooted in the understanding that having a beard can act as marginal insulation versus the elements by keeping the skin below warmer in the winter season months. When you consider it, the concept of having an enormous spot of fur covering half of your face you would believe it would make for an unpleasant summer. Well this is a misconception and is one based on false assumption: The idea that the beard in some way warms your face. In reality, the beard acts much more like a shield that a heating unit. The idea that the beard makes the face warmer is most likely based upon the result that is felt in the winter season, the same protection that is experienced as warmth in the cold winter season weather. To comprehend this much better, imagine your beard as a patch of bushes. In the winter time, crawling under a bush is an excellent method to get away the weather - which is precisely what all sort of different animals do. Now imagine that same spot of bushes in the summer, in the heat. Good and cool under there, right? The beard does also function as an evaporative cooler as well. As sweat from the skin evaporates and produces a flow of air out of the beard which has a cooling effect. Combined with the shielding impact of the beard, this can keep you even cooler than not having a beard at all.

Summer Beards

Some experienced beardsmen also declare that facial hair actually assists keeping them cool in the hot weather. Beards are related to winter season warmth, but not for the reasons you might think. See, while your scruff may keep you cozy by functioning as a windscreen, it doesn't do much in the way of insulation. That indicates it will not maintain heat throughout the scorching height of summer. In fact, some beardsmen even claim that their whiskers keep them cool, dissipating heat as the hairs grow damp from sweat. To explain how that works, let's discuss sweat. The function of sweat is to record a few of your body's heat and cool it as it vaporizes into the air. Depending on your own anatomy, excess sweat might be captured in your beard and dissipate more of your body heat than a shaved face would. This would offer the cooling result to the face discussed above.
Beards safeguard your skin from the elements all year around. Facial and body hair are evolutionary protective steps, after all. Throughout the dry cold winter, beards assist safeguarding your skin from chapping after direct exposure to crisp winds and snow. During the warmer parts of the year, your beard serves as a guard for your skin to protect against the sun's hazardous UV rays. Researchers in Australia discovered that the beard can obstruct approximately 95% of UV rays from the sun.
If you enjoy shaving during the warmer months as an outcome of your own experiences or tastes then that makes total sense and by all means shave away. With this short article we are merely looking to re-educate those who presume facial hair is seasonal, rather than offering it a shot in warmer months.
As the cool weather continues its transition into the warmer seasons, your beard does not need to go with it. Here are ways to keep your scruff in check as the temperatures begin to rise.

Warmer Weather = Changes To Grooming Practices

With that being said, grooming practices have the tendency to change as temperatures rise and fall throughout the year. Counter intuitively, if you plan on keeping your epic growth through the upcoming warmer months, you simply have to change up your grooming routine a bit.
Why, you ask? As the snow melts and weather conditions grow to be bearable, you'll be itching to get outdoors as soon as possible. While this is awesome, the more time you spend outside, the dirtier your beard gets. This is especially true in the spring-time, when the spring air tends to deliver pollen, and air-borne dirt straight onto your face.
If you want to take part in outside activities like hiking, cycling, kayaking, hunting, fishing, sports, etc. chances are you will sweat more than usual. While sweat is an incredible method to prevent your body from overheating, it's also a reliable way to capture dirt, pollen, and dust in the environment. Without an amped up grooming regimine, sweaty activities will lead to a grimier beard in no time.
So, you can delight in all there is to delight in about the warmer months and keep your silky, soft, luscious beard at the same time.

How is this Possible?

Most importantly, stock up on plenty of beard wash and conditioner. This is important and not enough beardsmen take their beard cleaning practice seriously. Usually less is more when it pertains to washing your beard, but maybe you'll need to up your washing regular from 2-3 times a week to 3-4 times a week (or more, depending on your beard type and how it responds).
If you don't clean it frequently enough and the beard begins to collect residue, it will begin to feel weighed down and greasy. This will only make that small level of insulated temperature in and around your beard more obvious. A filthy beard will make it harder for your body to release heat effectively, and residue in an unwashed beard can cause skin/pore swelling that will further increase the sensation of discomfort throughout spring and summer.



If you are extremely active and need to wash your beard every day during the warmer months then so be it but something many active guys try to do is alternate beard wash with just warm water.

Next on the to do list is change up your beard oil to a light, warm weather fragrance. This isn't really so much a grooming practice as a seasonal modification, but it can make a huge difference in how you're viewed by your colleagues, pals, and family. People pay attention to fragrances, and matching a new fragrance to match the new season will absolutely pay off.

Another tip is to keep your beard well groomed. Keeping the hairs on your face apart and detangled will promote air flow during warmer months. This will likewise make it much easier to handle (and offer it an all around better appearance). If you haven't done so already, take a look at our Wooden Beard Combs. These will slide through even the burliest of beards.

If you practice all these suggestions and still feel too hot from your beard throughout the warmer months, maybe it's time to make your beard a bit shorter. This doesn't imply that in frustration you take a razor to your face, rather, do a little research on much shorter beard styles that capture your interest. You can take your research study to your relied on barber and have them cut and form your beard to the best spring and summer design.

When you get the itch to shave, remember all the uncomfortable stages you had to fight thru to obtain the great beard you have now. So let's all set down our razors, welcome the upcoming warm weather conditions, and most notably, continue growing that beard.

Make Cleaning a Concern

Your beard might not serve as a woolen scarf, but it can trigger inflammation when your skin is hot and moist, so it's even more essential to keep it properly cleaned. Scrub it down every early morning with a specialized cleanser, like Primitive Outposts Beard Wash. This will get rid of any gunk or debris that may build up in your beard, triggering swelling and itching, not to mention any bad odors.

Stay Hydrated

This might sound a bit like overkill, but a healthy beard starts with a healthy body. Summer is the season of dehydration, which can trigger your hairs to grow breakable, and even more susceptible to breakage. Making sure that you consume adequate water is the simplest method to manage it. Parent speak concluded.

Switch Your Beard Oil

A woodsy type oil might be great for winter but if you're rubbing something onto your face on a scorching summer day then it might smell and feel too heavy. Try switching out your beard oil for a lighter, citrus option, like Primitive Outposts Vitality Beard Oil.



If All Else Fails, Give It A Little Trim

If irritation continues despite your best efforts, it might be time to compromise and give your hairs a trim. Taking off an inch or two should be more than plenty. This will give your skin more access to air flow, and make it simpler to clean, while permitting you to rapidly grow back once the season begins to alter.

Don't feel you need to part with your facial hair that you have invested a lot time and effort in growing. Here are 5 typical beard problems, triggered by the hot weather, that can be easily fixed by utilizing beard grooming products in your daily routine.

Beard Sweat

Everyone sweats throughout the summer. This is natural and is to cool your body down. To assist your body with cooling you should keep your pores below your beard clear and hydrated. Beard Wash is an excellent way to clean any blocked-up pores that may occur due to dirt and sweating.

Beard breakage and increased beard spots.

When we sweat, it can itch. With something as sensitive as a beard, if increased sweating isn't really treated, it will obstruct the pores of your skin and trigger itching. If you start scratching constantly and you aren't keeping good beard and skin health, you can trigger alot of breakage and split ends. It can also trigger patchiness.
Utilizing Beard Wash is an excellent method of cleansing your skin therefore helping a few of the issues but in order to prevent any patches appearing you can also use a beard oil for your hair as it grows. This will control the sebum production and aid with pore health. This will automatically aid with strengthening your hair. It also will offer you a fuller look, a nice sheen, and it smells amazing.

Tangles and snags

With the increased amount of sweat blocking your pores during the summer months you can get an increased quantity of tangling. Ensure that you frequently maintain your beard by combing it out at least every day.

Primitive Outpost beard combs

Dry beard

We're relatively sure that whatever the texture of your beard, it most likely will not combust in the summer heat. Nevertheless, your beard has the very real capacity of becoming really dry in the heat and this will only cause irritation to the skin underneath. A terrific way of keep your beard groomed and hydrated is by utilizing Beard Oil together with your Beard Wash.

Unruly beard due to humidity

Often, people that never have issues managing their beard in the cooler months run into the problem of having a rowdy beard that wants to go of in every direction due to the humidity. The fix is Beard Balm. This will aid with general beard health, hydration and also keeping rebel hairs in check. If you have a really problematic beard then we also provide beard wax.



The genuine x-factor here is that the concept of "hot" and "cool" are simply relative, subjective terms that are different for everyone.
The bottom line here is that the beard will in no way make you suffer more in the heat.
So put the razors down fellas. The entire idea of shaving the beard due to it being too hot is bogus and just an easy reason to shave. Get out there, enjoy the summer, and bear in mind that if it's hot out, you 'd be sweating with or without that beard.

Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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