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by Paul Koutras February 24, 2017

Coconut Oil has become extremely popular in the natural product industry for good reason, but the one thing that a good number of people dislike about it is how long it remains greasy feeling on your skin and hair. What if I was to tell you there is an extremely similar oil that has all the benefits of Coconut but absorbs much quicker and doesn't give you that unpleasant greasy feeling. Well then, let me introduce you to the little known wonder called Babassu Oil.

Native to Northeastern Brazil, Babassu is a type of Palm tree called Attalea Speciosa with its extraction being by cold pressing the nuts on the tree. As mentioned it very similar to Coconut Oil that remains as a solid at room temperature but melts once placed in contact with the temperature of ones skin.
Lets take a look at what this fantastic oil can do.

Babassu On Skin

1. Its an Emollient

Babasssu oil is an excellent emollient and does a great job of balancing the natural oils of the skin. This makes it a benefit to all skin types. Due to the fact that it is so easily absorbed into the skin it helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

2. Heals Your Skin

Because it is loaded in Vitamin E, Babassu oil is very helpful in cell regeneration. So if you are suffering from things like chapped lips and cracked skin, just apply a little and watch it do its thing.

3. Prevents Body Odour

Just like Coconut, Babassu is an anti-microbial. This makes it perfect for helping to eliminate body odour and can find a use in natural deodorants .

4. Its an anti-inflammatory

On of the largest parts of composition in Babassu is Lauric acid, which just happens to be an anti-inflammatory. It also has Vitamin E and phytosterols which help with inflammation. So if you are suffering from any sort of irritated or inflamed skin, Babassu can be your best friend.

5. Combats Free Radicals

Due to its anti-oxidizing properties Babassu oil does a good job destroying free radicals which lead to premature aging of the skin. Sure, its not the fountain of youth, but every little bit helps, right?

6. Healthy Cuticles

I put this one in here because we have a long time nail/cuticle biter in the house. It really is amazing the amount of damage that can be done to the cuticle area in such a short amount of time without the individual even noticing it. Vitamin E is key to healthy skin and nails and works to give you strong nails and soft healthy cuticles. The above mentioned Lauric acid also jumps in to help with any inflammation that starts up.

Babassu On Hair

7. Amazingly Healthy Hair

By using Babassu Oil with your Shampoo and Conditioner you can benefit from its amazing conditioning and repairing properties. For your efforts you'll get: Less breakage due to an increase in elasticity, and shiny, voluminous hair. If your hair is dry or brittle this is definitely worth looking into.

8. Nourish your scalp (or face if used for a Beard)

A healthy scalp usually means healthy hair and Babassu is very good for your scalp. Also because it's absorbed quickly it won't leave a thick greasy film which is a huge bonus.
In addition to moisturizing the scalp, Babassu is perfect for combating Dandruff/Beardruff. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are perfect tools to help keep these issues at bay.

Once referred to as one of Brazil's best kept secrets it appears the word is getting out. Babassu Oil is quickly gaining in popularity and finding a place in many industries, including in natural body products. It's because of its non greasy properties that we opt to use it in our Beard Balms and Hair Clay. If you already know you like what Coconut Oil can do, then Babassu should be on your list of items to try next.

Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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