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by Paul Koutras September 13, 2017

If you have a beard then you've no doubt either asked the question to yourself or even gone as far to take place in heated debates. "Which is the best beard moisturizer? Beard Oil or Beard Balm?" There are many points of view on this and at the end of the day we feel it comes down to the way your particular beard responds to the products and personal preference. Sounds like I'm giving you a canned answer to appease everyone right? Wrong. Because while I do believe that statement, I'm not team beard oil or team beard balm. There is a much better train of though. Curious? Read on.


Beard Oil And Balm

As simple as that sounds it never ceases to amaze me that so many people feel it has to be one or the other. If you prefer just one then so be it. At the end of the day whatever you like best is truly best. But, why not get the best of both worlds? The trick is to not overdo it with the amount of Oil and Balm you apply. 

So the next logical question is "Why would I use both?" The short answer is that they do similar and yet different things.


Beard Oil

A good beard oil will be light enough to not feel overly greasy but will not be completely absorbed. It needs to have just the right amount of heavier oils for it to have some staying power and give some longer lasting beard conditioning during the run of the day.




The end result is a soft and shiny looking beard.


Glossy Beard



Beard Balm

A good beard balm should be a beard moisturizer but also a beard styling product. This means it should give you at least a little bit of hold. We know that some people need/want more hold than others so we offer two versions; an extra conditioning beard balm and an extra hold beard balm. Sure you'll get a slightly different moisturizing experience due to the differences in the oils and butters used but the key difference is the subtle hold you get with a balm.




We also are a huge fan on Rhassoul Clay which in this case helps with volume so we added some of that too.


Styled Beard


So in a nutshell by using beard oil and balm together you get the best of both worlds. A soft, shiny beard from the bar oil and a luxuriously moisturized beard with some hold for styling thanks to the beard balm. Don't be shy, combine the two products and take your beard to the next level.



Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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