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See what people are saying about Primitive Outpost. had some kind works on their review of our shaving oil and shaving soap. You can check it out on their site.




Love the way it goes on. It doesn't have a gritty texture, or crumble.

You don't need a lot to cover your whole face, HUGE BONUS...

Rinses off WAY BETTER than other expensive mud masks I have used.

Red "angry" spots on my face have diminished to gone & my skin was WAY more accepting of my moisturizer, making it so that I didn't need to use as much.


This is just after one use. I'll review again after the 3rd or 4th use. So far, I will be buying more after this jar is used up.




I will nerve use another brand again. This kit was awesome!




These two products have become my go-to shaving products. To use, I wet my face and pat dry. A few drops of the shaving oil (1/4 tsp?) in my hands, then I rub that over my face and neck. Apparently you can begin your shave now, but I use Primitive Outpost's shaving soap as well. It lathers up in my shaving mug, really well with my brush, and holds its suds on my face. The oil underneath the soap provides for a great glide for my razor, and provides for a great close smooth shave including the tricky tangle of beard in the neck area. The scent is Down to Earth, pleasant, and subtle by itself, but does not interfere with other woodsy aftershaves or colognes I may use. Great products.




i got my first tattoo and used the stuff the tattoo artist gave me for a day. it helped, but not nearly as much as this. the itch and pain of a healing tattoo was almost gone with Ink'd. great product!




By far my favorite scent out there. its subtle and has the right mixture levels. i recommend trying this one out you wont be disappointed.




Not only is this my favorite scent but it has a good mold to it. i recommend this for both of those facts. really good product to style and smell good, pairs well with the oils.




a truly awesome Tattoo balm it worked perfectly. took away the itch and helped with a nice even heal. helped keep the color in nicely going to use this on the rest of my tattoos to come. wish it was around when i started to get my ink done years ago. TOP NOTCH!




I tried out this face wash today for the first time, it's amazing! My face had broken out in red dry spots that bled and scratched, and after one use of this beautiful wash, the red spots reduced in color and my skin is so much softer now! 5/5 stars I would recommend this to everyone!! My skin is usually dry and it feels so soft and supple now! Thank you!




this is an outstanding Tattoo cream. It's easy to apply and really cuts down on the itch and reduces the scaling/flaking. Worked great on my half sleeve.




Clean Slate is very effective at removing all traces of makeup quickly and easily. Love that the texture is light and not a heavy oil. Skin even feels softer after using this. Will be making this my go-to" product.




It removed my long lasting eyeliner(which takes me forever to take off) with just two easy swipes. It leaves an oily residue, but honestly, in NS dry weather, I really don't mind it at all.



Surprisingly fabulous !

I got this soap as a recommendation from a friend. I do not have a beard therefore I would have not pick it at first! But this soap is an excellent product to use when I shave as it has a nice thick moisturizing layer and a very refreshing smell. I also like that it is a versatile product as I use it often as a body soap because it leaves my skin so soft!!!!




I recently made the switch from store deodorant to Primitive Outpost Chai Latte Deodorant. I'm so glad I did. Regular deodorant, although it works most of the day, makes me very itchy and stings when I have recently shaved. This deodorant doesn't sting or burn, lasts all day and doesn't make me itch at all. As for the scent, that's my favourite part because I love the scent and can have it with my deodorant, bodywash, and solid perfume. Something I've always wanted in the personal hygiene products out there.



I switched!! You should too!

First of all, it smells delicious! It is a nice refreshing smell not too overpowering and it actually lasted thru my workout and a full day at work. It has a creamy texture and apply nicely. You want to wait a few minutes before you put a shirt on but this product will not leave a mark on your clothes when you use it. I fell in love with this product and I am now done with commercial deodorants for good. Try it, you won't regret it!!! So worth it!



One of the best balm EVER!

Heard how this little innocent product was great for tattoos but also for cuts so I ordered it. IT IS AWESOME. I keep it handy in my pocket. My hands are always dry and my fingers used to be torn apart because I am so stressed lol! So applying this balm had made a BIG difference! My skin is healing so fast ! This product really works well. I have never found something that is so efficient to heal my cuts ! Where were you my entire life!!?

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