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Tattoo Aftercare

We get it. You've spent the time in the chair getting the tattoo, and it's awesome. The most important thing now is letting it heal, quickly and properly. You don't want to trust this to any old product, you want the best tattoo aftercare. This means it should be lubricated but not saturated. You also want it to breathe and you don't want a lot of scabbing. Sounds like a tall order but it can be done. The trick is to use a natural tattoo aftercare product.
Our aftercare products will have your tattoos looking great, while helping them heal quickly. We offer our tattoo care products in either an oil or a balm.
Made with all natural ingredients and featuring the amazing benefits of:
Rosemary Extract: is an anti-inflammatory, aids in blood circulation which helps with healing damaged skin, and helps with keeping your skin hydrated
Calendula Oil: is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that reduces inflammation and swelling, speeds recovery, moisturizes and helps protect against infection
Arnica Oil: is an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that helps with pain management, skin hydration, inflammation, healing and protecting against infection 
Ink'd Soap for Tattoo Cleaning $17.99
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Ink'd Tattoo Oil $19.99
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