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Extra Hold Beard Balm

Bare Bones Extra Hold Beard Balm $19.99
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Citrus Mint Extra Hold Beard Balm $19.99
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Down To Earth Extra Hold Beard Balm $19.99
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Fired Up Extra Hold Beard Balm $19.99
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Roasted Extra Hold Beard Balm $19.99
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Vitality Extra Hold Beard Balm $21.99
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Think of our extra hold beard balm as more of a beard wax. You still get the deep conditioning benefits you'd expect out of a beard balm but with a little more muscle for styling. Capable of keeping the unruliest of beards in line, we think you'll agree when we say it's the best beard wax around. 
Having a great big ol' beard is amazing but it can also come with a mind of its own. Letting it stick out in every direction just isn't an option so we came up with our extra hold balm.
Like our beard oils you get all natural oils, but we have also added lots of beeswax for hold, Babassu Oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter for conditioning, as well as Rhassoul Clay for volume. Put these all together and you get a beard wax that will take your beards appearance to the next level.



So you've got the beard you want, you wash it, maintain it, baby it, but it just isn't returning the love. Individual hairs and/or entire sections sticking out everywhere. Not cool but we have the solution for you. Primitive Outposts Extra Hold Beard Balm. It has a good dose of extra wax in it to help with keeping things manageable while still being soft and natural looking. We are aren't aiming for a stiff or crispy, just styled to your tastes.
Having a well styled mane creates confidence and pride while it causes people to double take at how amazing you look.
We often refer to this product as beard wax but unlike how it sounds it's still very easy to apply evenly throughout your beard in its entirety.
Our balms are packaged in recyclable tins and are designed to for the bearded guy on the move. Where you go, your wax can go, just in case you need a touch up.
A lot of beard balm products use synthetic fragrances but we decided to go the route of essential oils. These essential oils don't have the same synthetic composition as fragrances so you eliminate any harmful ingredients and potential scent sensitivities. 



Rhassoul Clay also sometimes called Moroccan Clay moisturizes and detoxifies your beard.  Another nice point about this clay is it helps with adding volume to hair, or in this case beards.



Everyone has heard of Shea Butter and how it nourishes like nothing else. Well it also helps with a fuller, healthier appearance. Both important when dealing with beards.



Much like shea butter, cocoa butter is an amazing hair moisturizer and softener. Due to all its nutrients and deep conditioning abilities cocoa butter will help keep your beard healthy, soft and shiny.


Vitamin E is well known for its antioxidants that aid in neutralizing free radical damage to face and beard. This keeps the follicles healthy while preventing split ends and breakage.


There are so many great oils but we have chosen what we feel are the best for this task. In a nutshell, natural carrier oils help condition and keep beards healthy.


Although the majority of wild, unruly beards we've run across have been on the mid to long side of things, a beard can develop a mind of its own at almost any length. If you are trying to tame a monster or if you have a specific style you are trying to achieve then you'll need to bring out the big guns and go with a beard wax. In order to shape or style your beard and keep it locked in place you'll need to have enough wax in the product to be effective. Most Beard Balms use just enough wax to offer a moderate hold at best. Compared to beard oil it offers better styling options but is really still a small amount of wax. Only the best beard wax can manage the unruliest of manes which is why Primitive Outpost uses a huge amount of wax compared to most beard balm products. You'll get incredible styling ability and hold but still get an awesome natural appearance.  



Essential oils are the perfect way to scent these bad boys. Natural, clean and healthy they smell awesome while offering additional benefits to your beard and skin. You won't find any synthetic fragrances here.
More conditioning, more control, and our beard wax does it with just natural ingredients.



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