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So you've finished shaving, put away all your tools and products and washed your face off, but there is one more extremely important step that many people overlook. 
You after shave product.
After you are done shaving your skin is irritated from having a razor taken across it. It needs relief and our aftershave is the perfect thing for that.
Some companies offer a witch hazel aftershave. Others offer an aloe vera after shave. Our Natural Formula is made with both and is excellent for sensitive skin.
Aloe Vera offers excellent soothing and hydration.
Witch Hazel  is an astringent with anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes irritation and cuts, reduces redness, cleans pores, and kills bacteria that can cause acne.
And it does all this without drying your skin out or leaving you greasy.
Bare Bones Unscented AfterShave $19.99
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Citrus Mint After Shave Splash $19.99
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Classic After Shave $19.99
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Down To Earth After-Shave $19.99
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Roasted Alcohol Free Aftershave $19.99
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Spiced Bay Rum After Shave Lotion $19.99
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Vitality Natural After Shave $19.99
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