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Non Toxic Air Freshener

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Refresh, do away with odours and indulge in the clean, enjoyable water lily aroma with each and every spray from this non toxic air freshener.
Contending with relentless household odours? Let Modere FreshSpace come to your rescue, with safe but serious odour removing ingredients scientifically proven to overcome nasty aromas at their source.

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This eco friendly air freshener has been effectively tested on cigarette smoke and foul kitchen space odours, and without the propellants (like propane) frequently found in typical air fresheners. Just how can a non toxic room freshener be safe yet work so effectively? FreshSpace binds to unpleasant odour molecules, counteracting and eliminating them from the olfactory spectrum,  all that in a non-toxic *, propellant-free formula. 

In independent trials, even the most awful kitchen area odours were drastically cut down after just fifteen mins. Leaving behind a light, mood-enhancing water lily scent, FreshSpace is safe, water soluble and very effective, even in reduced concentrations. Utilize it to freshen long-stored bed linen and clothing, get rid of lingering cooking odours, revitalize your furniture or bring new life to the litter box. FreshSpace is a must for your workplace, kitchen area, restroom, and travel suitcase (so you're always prepared). Make every single space you go to a FreshSpace.

  • Removes odours on fabric materials, hard surface areas & in the air
  • Performs great on: clothes, vehicle interiors, sofas, trash cans, restrooms, kitchen spaces & more
  • Safely do away with smells without harsh chemicals like CFCs, phthalates, acetone & formaldehyde
  • The mood-enhancing water lily scent revitalizes & perks up virtually any room or garment
  • Scientifically proven to subdue odours at their source without the use of typical propellants like propane
  • Offers clean-label peace of mind
  • Non-aerosol container is recyclable and eco-friendly

* For consumers under normal conditions of use.

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