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Modere Sustain

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Modere sustain supports weight reduction all while you are indulging in delicious chocolate or vanilla flavor! This tasty, gluten-free shake is going to help suppress your cravings as well as caloric consumption with ultra-filtered, low-lactose whey protein. *

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A delectable weight management drink to really help you tame your cravings, decrease daily calories, as well as provide your body the protein that it is in need of to develop healthy muscle. Sustain includes aspects of the Mediterranean life-style such as high-quality proteins and Vitamin D3.

Satiate that mid-morning or mid-afternoon food craving with a delightfully rich and silky shake. Sustain is designed using ultra-filtered whey protein, fiber and vitamins to handle food cravings and enable you to feel fuller, much longer. Sustain mirrors the rejuvenating experience of the Mediterranean diet regimen providing a variety of vitamins and mineral to successfully control hunger and decrease caloric intake during the day. * This great tasting, rich shake features a top quality, ultra-filtered whey protein that is low in lactose. This formulation includes bromelain and papain to further boost digestibility, in addition to Vitamin D3. Sustain offers Vitamin D3 to assist with skin, muscle and immune system function. *.

  • Promotes satiety *.
  • Limits hunger *.
  • Ten grams of ultra-filtered, reduced lactose whey protein.
  • Easy-to-digest formula with incorporated enzymes.
  • Consists of all nine essential amino acids.
  • No sugar, gluten free, non GMO.
  • Chocolate or Vanilla flavors

Sustain is one part of the M3 system.



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