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Modere Revitalize

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Modere Revitalize not only restores seven vital minerals as well as over seventy trace minerals, it additionally provides fulvic acid from shilajit, an age-old herbal compound, to raise bioavailability, so your body takes up even more of the minerals that you take in. This potent everyday supplement completely transforms regular drinking water with supercharged minerals, encouraging ideal health and wellness as well as energy levels *.
Why would you drink regular mineral water when you can Revitalize every day?

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Revitalize is a great tasting, caffeine-free way to promote well balanced hydration and nutrition, boost metabolism as well as assist with cellular energy. * And the practical stick pack means you can easily mix up an invigorating, no-sugar-added, fifteen calorie serving any place, any time.

Coming from an untainted below ground salt deposit left by the historic Sundance Sea, seventy+ trace minerals are put together with Himalayan-sourced shilajit plus a combination of seven vital macro and micro minerals to produce Revitalize. 



  • Supplies a highly effective combination of seventy+ Sundance Sea trace minerals, shilajit from the Himalayan mountain ranges as well as seven important micro and macro minerals.
  • Assists with metabolism, boosts energy * and stimulates hydration.
  • Encourages healthier energy levels *.
  • Offers necessary minerals to complete typical nutritional holes in modern-day diets.
  • Dissolves in drinking water for much better absorption.
  • Assists with health and wellness.



  • Hassle-free single-serve stick pack.
  • Great tasting mixed berry taste.
  • Zero sugar added.
  • Non GMO, vegan and gluten free.
  • Just 15 calories for each serving.



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