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Collagen Coffee Modere Logiq

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Modere Logiq Collagen Coffee With Tetrablend

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Logiq is more intelligent than your regular coffee. Include it in your regular morning routine, and you will feel sharper, look much better and accomplish even more *.

And we didn't give up any of the premium java experience you enjoy, we simply took it to an entirely new level.

You are really going to enjoy the flavor of Logiq. But the actual secret is with Tetrablend coffee, an exclusive blend of proven, highly effective active ingredients focused on total brain health and wellness to help you be more, do even more and feel incredible. Additionally, Logiq includes our award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix ® Technology, well known for its remarkable skin, hair, nail and joint benefits when put together with your preferred Liquid BioCell or Trim product. So you'll not only feel younger, you'll appear much younger as well. * †.

The legends say that ancient Ethiopian mystics were actually the very first people to figure out the bliss of coffee back in the eleventh century. A thousand years later, Modere Logiq brings in a new generation of this once-exotic mixture by incorporating the natural advantages of the highest quality coffee beans along with our own spectacular TetraBlend.

We didn't compromise any of the premium java experience you enjoy; we simply helped make it better. Our exclusive formulation of age-old and modern-day nootropic ingredients blends L-theanine, bacopa monnieri, natural caffeine from coffee and green tea, and coffee fruit extract to elevate this breakfast time staple with tangible advantages for your concentration, state of mind, brain aging, and memory *.

Along With Liquid BioCell ®, all of these important active ingredients make Logiq a truly effective supplement that is very easy to indulge in anyplace, any time.

Tetrablend coffee with collagen. Genius!


  • Improves awareness and concentration *.
  • Assists with healthy mood *.
  • Supports the creation of neuroprotein BDNF for healthier brain aging *.
  • BDNF may well play a part with the maintenance of neurons, learning, memory and higher thinking *.
  • Assists memory and learning *.
  • L-theanine has demonstrated an ability to dramatically boost alpha waves in the brain, which in turn is associated to mindfulness and a relaxed mental state, without any sleepiness *.
  • Can help with promoting healthier joints, skin, nails, and hair *  †




  • Collagen/HA Matrix Technology.
  • Absolutely no animal testing.
  • Keto friendly.
  • Gluten free.
  • No sugar.
  • BPA free.


Collagen Coffee is dramatically altering the hot beverage game by giving it an incredible new health and wellness spin. A cup of coffee generally is not though of like was once upon a time. Given that the knowledge of the average consumer with regard to overall health and wellness has increased dramatically, it's now very obvious that coffee is undeniably good for your overall wellbeing.
One particular research report discovered that enjoying four+ cups of java daily can actually increase life expectancy. It's likewise packed with anti-oxidants, and particularly with polyphenols. These really help with safeguarding against a range of wellness concerns. Increased study has revealed that regular coffee intake supports better cardiovascular system health and wellness.
Along with everything that coffee accomplishes on it's own, many people might just think of it a health celebrity. But why not make a good thing even better? Health & Wellness pros have literally started to make your morning cup of Joe all the more healthy? The word for this is biohacking, and it's simply just incorporating additional ingredients right into your coffee drinks to bolster your concentration, amplify your energy, uphold your health in order to generally allow you to have a much better more productive day.
An early morning coffee has actually turned into a routine for the majority of people, and like pointed out earlier, analysis reveals that your coffee can offer some terrific health perks on its own. But, if you intend to up your java game by biohacking, why wouldn't you elevate it with nutrients that can supercharge your mind and body?  Something like collagen, or bacopa, or L-Theanine.

†Logiq with TetraBlend Coffee and Logiq Creamer offer the benefits of Collagen/HA Matrix Technology when combined with other Liquid BioCell products.
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