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Modere Toothpaste

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Modere Toothpaste is without a doubt the best option when it comes to brushing your teeth. Created using water-soluble abrasives plus natural peppermint oil for reliable cleansing as well as fresh breath, Modere EWG toothpaste possesses absolutely no questionable ingredients and makes use of naturally derived sweeteners instead of aspartame or other artificial options. This non-toxic toothpaste formulation is safe enough for the entire household to use, plus its great tasting natural peppermint flavour is cool and exhilarating.

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Everybody enjoys the sensation of clean teeth along with fresh breath, so as soon as we set out to create the ideal tooth paste we realized that we really needed to discover a means to accomplish this without making use of any harmful ingredients or needless sweeteners. We started using hydrated silica, a fine, gel abrasive that assists to delicately clean tooth enamel surface areas. Our experts then included sodium chlorite to really help keep mouth odours away, while peppermint oil results in your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Lastly, we employed sorbitol, a naturally gained sweetener found in a number of fruits, as well as xylitol, a sweetener that has been demonstrated to possess favorable effects on your teeth, the final result is a superb sweet and minty flavour that the entire household will appreciate.

  • Very first EWG VERIFIED toothpaste worldwide and a part of the completely-verified Modere Oral Care lineup
  • All of the products carrying the EWG VERIFIED mark satisfy extensive standards, including compliance with stringent ingredient criteria, production transparency plus durable labeling
  • Zero sugar
  • Fluoride free
  • Water-soluble abrasives cleanse without harming tooth enamel
  • Maintains healthier teeth and gums
  • This non-toxic formulation indicates it is safe for the entire household
  • Natural peppermint oil refreshes breath
  • This tooth paste was actually the very first to gain EWG's confidence, so it's certain to earn yours.

Freshen up without needing the fluoride. This toothpaste is developed using natural peppermint oil to sustain minty-fresh breath along with healthier oral care.
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