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Modere Vigor

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Modere Vigor consists of an extract of the root of Fo-Ti, a natural herb utilized by traditional Chinese herbalists as a major ingredient in anti-aging restoratives.

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According to Chinese legend, a famine hit the community of a poor gentleman, Mr. He. Though the majority of people departed looking for food and employment, Mr. He couldn't leave and turned to collecting wild plants and roots to avoid starving. One of the edibles was the bitter root of the fo-ti plant. Steadily, Mr. He gained back his health and wellness. His skin tone brightened and his grey hair turned black once again. He went on to experience a lengthy, vital life and the fo-ti root was attributed for his amazing experience. The root of the polygonum multiflorum herb, much more commonly referred to as fo-ti, has been said to replenish energy, encourage general wellness and offer youthful vigor. And, these are simply a couple of the posited perks credited to this revitalizing root. You do not need to believe the tale of Mr. He to experience the power of fo-ti. All you need to do is try it.

  • Encourages youthful vigor and general wellbeing *.
  • Includes ingredients to assist anti-aging processes *.
  • Helps antioxidant capacity *.
  • Promotes cellular health *.



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