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Modere Focus Plus

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The updated and upgraded formulation of Modere Focus Plus consists of potent herbs like gotu kola to help you concentrate much better for a lot longer. * The components work in sync to assist with memory, clarity and focus, without having a caffeine crash. *.
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It's far too familiar. All of us have a hard time memory as we grow older, and multitasking has pushed our capacity to concentrate out the window. Fighting to remain on task and keep our ducks in a row means we are left in a periodic state of fatigue and mental exhaustion.
Modere developed Focus Plus with these kinds of issues in mind, in a manner of speaking. Our formulation incorporates the most highly acclaimed brain-boosting herbals to really help you concentrate and remain on task. * Gingko, bacopa, and gotu kola help bring your thoughts on target so you can be productive.
Simply take Focus Plus to help focus, keep your memory keener and live clean.

  • Highly effective formula with plant based, caffeine-free, drug-free options to assist with your studies , work or just enhance concentrate on the job at hand *.
  • Includes a proprietary blend of herbs - featuring plant based extracts of gingko leaf, bacopa leaf & gotu kola - which has been revealed to assist with mental accuracy & acuity *.
  • Features vitamin B5 to assist with mental efficiency & contribute to fatigue minimization *.
  • Created with Phosphatidylserine, a vegan source of learning & memory function support *.
  • Updated & greatly improved formula.
  • Twice the gingko biloba.
  • Three times the bacopa monniera.
  • 1.5 times the gotu kola.



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