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Modere Eye Health

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Modere's Eye Health is created using zeaxanthin as well as naturally-derived botanicals such as lutein and bilberry in order to promote optimal eyesight and help safeguard eyes through filtering blue light from digital devices. *.

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The majority of people never think of their eye health and wellness until they begin to experience the effects of typical age-related vision changes. You, however, aren't the majority of people. Your eyes work hard for you on a daily basis, which is exactly why you need to keep them strengthened against age-related sight changes with Modere Eye Health. *.
This extraordinary formulation includes Northern European bilberries, loaded in anthocyanins, that have considerable anti-oxidant capability and are critical to attaining bilberry's peak nutritional perks. Bilberry likewise includes bioflavonoids that uphold normal vision and with vit C, increases its anti-oxidant, free-radical-fighting ability. Eye Health additionally provides you with 10 mg lutein, sourced from all-natural marigold flowers, and is recognized for its eye health and also natural antioxidant characteristics. Lutein helps to filter blue light whilst aiding in preserving proper function of the visual system. *.
The combo of these particular ingredients provides advantages recognized in both ancient lore and also by modern science as crucial for eye wellness. In our high-tech world, full of the numerous digital devices with which we interact daily, it's crucial to take a minute to care for our eyes.

  • utein & zeaxanthin safeguard eyes against blue light coming from digital devices *.
  • Origins of blue light consist of digital screens (Televisions, pcs, notebooks, mobile phones & tablets), digital devices as well as fluorescent & LED illumination.
  • The vegan, gluten free, dairy-free formulation is terrific for specific diets.
  • Bilberry and vitamins A, C & E offer essential antioxidants when it comes to eye health *.
  • Non GMO.
  • Assists with macular health & healthy vision *.
  • Serves to help defend against typical age-related vision changes *.



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