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Modere Aloe Vera

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Modere Aloe Vera encourages effective digestion, healthy cellular performance and a well-maintained intestinal tract. * Our Aloe Vera is originated from premium plants and consists of additional mouth watering, natural juices for added advantages.

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Aloe vera has been among the most commonly utilized plants throughout human history, and today we have even more reasons to appreciate aloe because of the breakthroughs of modern science.
Modere Aloe Vera is a liquid formula including a blend of pure aloe vera gel, botanical extracts, honey and pear juice, developed to promote complete digestive health and wellness, as well as help preserve healthy cholesterol levels currently within the typical range. It's a feel-good formula that keeps you feeling balanced. And let's be completely honest: When your digestive system doing well par, you're also doing well. That's the reason that a shot of Aloe Vera is the ideal pick-me-up for a run down system. It's an honest formula prepared with, naturally based digestive ingredients. *.

  • Aloe vera gel as well as aloe vera polysaccharides promote intestinal tract and gastrointestinal health and wellness *.
  • Created with an array of antioxidant-supporting phytonutrients originated from extracts of grape skin, mate leaf, blueberry & grape seed*.
  • Natural honey to soothe your stomach *.
  • Natural pear juice to assist with energy *.
  • Great tasting, light, sweet flavour.



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