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Sandalwood Coarse and Fine Tooth Comb

A wooden beard comb belongs in every beard care kit. There are many benefits and it can be used on your beard or even your head. These beard combs have a very wide spacing on one side with finer teeth on the other. Run the wider side through first to help detangle then follow up with the finer side. You will notice it is a much gentler feeling than a standard plastic or metal comb/brush due to its smooth finish.
  • The comb is anti-static which will help eliminate frizz and prevent hair breakage attributed to static build up.
  • Helps to stimulate your scalp and promote hair health by distributing oils evenly throughout your hair .
  • Helps to achieve a shiny and lustrous look.
  • Prevent hair dryness thus reducing split end damage and hair breakage.
  • The aroma of a sandalwood comb calms the mind, soothing away stresses and tension, while uplifting your mood.

Material: Sandalwood
Size: Approx. 10.0 * 5.5cm / 3.9 * 2.2inch
Package Weight: 32g

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