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by Tina Koutras February 08, 2017

There had been a shift over the past few years, the internet and social media has been providing the means to educating people. As a society we are starting to eat better and exercise more, we can goggle our favorite fitness routines, we can find recipes that lead to healthy eating and in general we get to make better, if not just more informed choices.

Healthy Choices

One of my healthy choices has become based on what I expose my skin to. The largest organ in our body and it is exposed to pollution, toxins and a multitude of chemicals in the form or skin cleanser, moisturizers, perfumes, and preservatives. When all we really need is to get back to the basics.

Our bodies are complex machines that run on the fuel we eat and drink. Sadly though if we starve our bodies of vital vitamins and minerals we can still function but at a cost. Sometimes it’s our sleep, our bodies reset gets disrupted and other times it’s in our mood, our ability to cope, and lastly it is our skin. The show must go on so the body takes what it needs from where ever it can get it. So our skin loses vitality, our hair lacks shine and our nails become brittle.

What if what you put on your skin had as much impact as what you put into your system? What if you could rejuvenate yourself externally as well as internally? So you vowed to eat better, check, you’re working out, check. Now it’s time to take away all those chemicals and cleansers and immerse yourself in the essential healthy vitamins and minerals that can come from ancient sources.

Why is everyone talking about Dead Sea Mud?

The Dead Sea, bordering Jordan, Israel and Palestine is famous for its extremely high salinity has been utilized for thousands of years for its minerals and health properties. What makes the Dead Sea so beneficial for cosmetic applications? Dead Sea minerals have been able to aid in ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. By reducing the size of pores and improving elasticity of the skin it can drastically diminish fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of your skin. As it dries on your skin the mineral mud draws out toxins and exfoliates as it is gently washed away. Combined with both Kaolin and Rhassoul clay and essential oils of Peppermint and Grapefruit, Primitive Outposts Dead Sea Mineral Mud is refreshing and gentle on the skin. With moisture rich Argan oil to fight the signs of aging and Jojoba oil to balance your skin no matter your skin type. Rose hip seed extract adds the benefit of an anti inflammatory where your skin needs it most. So whether you are new to a beauty regime or you have been spa going for years, this rejuvenating ancient mask will have your skin feeling and looking it's best.

So now you have your fitness routine, you have your healthy eating and your skin is well on it's way to to a natural you.

Tina Koutras
Tina Koutras

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