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by Paul Koutras March 17, 2017

If there is one thing that is true, it's that things are always changing. The internet and social media has made sharing information so easy that we now do it without even realizing how much influence it can have. Fashions change, products change and we learn about new findings with the simple click of a mouse (or touch of our phone screen). One of the things that is going through a huge upheaval is the beauty and grooming industry. Natural products are hitting the headlines and are the newest "in thing" is natural scent.

Solid Colognes. If you haven't heard of them yet they are growing in popularity and will come across your radar sooner rather than later. They do what traditional colognes and perfumes have done for years but they do it with some significant differences.

Why Solid Cologne and Perfume?

The biggest reason these solid scents are gaining in popularity is that they are compact and easily carried. These are usually made in a small tin of some sort and can easily go in your pocket, in your gym bag, purse, car...you get the point. The bottom line is they go were you go...conveniently. This allows you to quickly reapply when the moment arises so you smell and feel your best all day and night long.

Another big attraction is that they (usually) are made from natural ingredients, so you can rest easy that you aren't inhaling or absorbing any toxic chemicals of any variety. With that being said, individuals that suffer from scent sensitivities can often use these solid fragrances. Why you might ask? Well, they are naturally scented with essential oils which are far less likely to cause a reaction than artificial fragrances. Not only are the scents easier to get along with, they offer many benefits to ones mood and inner well being. Essential oils are used in aroma therapy so as you might expect you can reap the benefits of whatever oils are used to scent the solid cologne or solid perfume. 

Solid scents are simple, compact and effective which is why they are gaining in popularity. They're also much subtler so you won't be leaving an overwhelming scent trail everywhere you walk. 

Solid Colognes aren't exactly new

As much as these seem like they are a new idea, they are actually been around for quite some time. Many believe that the ancient Egyptians used crude wax based colognes and perfumes as a part of their daily procedures. Cleopatra is said to have used wax based scents on her lips before kisses.

Natural colognes as a whole have been documented in ancient Rome, Ancient European nations, as well countless others over the centuries.

How to apply Solid Cologne

Solid colognes and solid perfumes are very simple to apply. You simply remove the lid and rub your finger over the surface of the product and then rub the same finger over you pulse points. Behind the ears, on the neck, inner elbow, and wrists are the usual targets. That's it, and since the container is so compact and it will be with you as you go through your day, you can reapply as needed in seconds.

Simple, subtle, and natural. What's not to like?


Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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