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by Paul Koutras May 09, 2017

Beard Pomade also known as Beard Balm is a fantastic addition to any beardsmans grooming kit. Ideal for use on any beard it really works wonders on mid to long length beards. Being a combination of natural oils, butters, and beeswax gives this product a little more capability in the styling department.

So lets take a look at what Beard Pomade can do.


Unscented Beard Pomade


Style That Beard

Primitive Outposts Beard Balms contain a few ingredients that really help you out with shaping and styling your facial hair.

1. Beeswax

Cera Alba forms a protective layer but unlike Petroleum based products it won't clog pores and it won't suffocate the skin. This protective layer will ward off negative environmental effects and reduce dryness by locking in moisture.

2. Shea Butter

Shea Butter is great for helping with styling duties but also helps to make the your facial hair appear thicker.

3.Cocoa Butter

Another butter but Cocoa Butter is much harder than Shea and although it is a great conditioner it also helps to firm things up thus helping to keep things in place.

4. Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay has the ability to draw out impurities from facial hair all while leaving your hair soft and very moisturized. It also gives hair a huge boost in volume which is a great thing for giving your beard a really full appearance.


Spiced Bay Rum Beard Pomade


Seal and Protect

1. Beeswax

Just as beeswax helps with shaping your beard it also provides the massive service of sealing the hair. It creates a barrier that keeps the environment out but all the much needed moisture in. 

There are some products that opt to use petroleum jelly in their beard pomades. It is known to keep moisture out in turn drying out the area it has been applied to. Since its not a natural product we don't use it in anything we make and suggest not to use it.


Citrus Beard Pomade


Moisturize It

1. Babassu Oil

Babassu is a solid oil just like coconut oil. It offers all of the amazing properties that Coconut Oil does but with one difference. It doesn't leave an oily residue. Babassu is quickly absorbed into skin and hair and is incredible for moisturizing. 

2. Jojoba Oil

More of a liquid wax, Jojoba is very similar to our bodies natural sebum. Loaded in vitamins it will condition both skin and hair.

3. Avocado Oil

This heavier oil absorbs deep into the skin and helps to keep the skin hydrated for very long periods of time. For beard care Avocado oil is equally beneficial. It is easily absorbed it is good for moisturizing dry, damaged hair by deep conditioning and strengthening it. Avocado Oil is also great for relieving beard itch.

4. Grapeseed Oil

High in minerals, proteins, Vitamin E, and linoleic acid, Grapeseed oil is excellent on hair and face. It conditions, imparts shine and is a light non-greasy oil. 

5. Rice Bran Oil

Full of ferulic acid and esters rice bran oil help to stimulate hair growth. It's rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, o mega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that nourish your hair and help reduce premature graying.

6. Apricot Oil

Apricot is a light oil that has a lipid content similar to your skin and is loaded in fatty acids as well as Vit A, C, and E making it a great conditioner without being greasy.

7. Vitamin E

An antioxidant that helps repair damage to beard follicles and  reduce inflammation. It's also a great conditioner. 


All of these ingredients share the common theme of protecting and moisturizing hair. A healthy, moisturized beard has no choice but to be a soft beard. So the answer to the initial question is yes, it will give you a soft beard all while helping with the styling side of things.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some balm and get that beard of yours looking its best.


Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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