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by Paul Koutras December 18, 2016

More and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle for themselves and for their families. What started as an awakening as to what people put into their body nutritionally has gradually branched out to encompass fitness and more recently natural bodycare products.
There are many reasons that can be attributed to the change in mentality but regardless of the reasons it is a positive move that has changed many peoples lives for the better and is one that continues to amplify across the globe daily.

You are what you eat

The healthy eating kick started to really become a noticeable in the mid 90's and instead of becoming a short term fad, continued to grow and change the mentality far beyond what anyone would have expected. Over the years we have seen Subway restaurants pop up all over and in large numbers, and other fast food giants such as MacDonalds have been forced to alter their menus to accommodate those that have become health conscious. Another obvious change is that grocery stores have allocated entire sections to natural and organic offerings. This didn't all occur overnight but it did and still is occurring and progressing. As this occurred, it became a wake up call and many individuals started to implement this new found awareness into their families. Many of the younger generation particularly Generation Y and the Millennials grew up with this awareness and now as they emerge into adulthood they live this lifestyle having known nothing else.

Fitness for all

For many, the shift into healthier eating was just the first step. Being active became an important component to healthier living. Over the years we have seen a larger number of fitness clubs open, many of them going to a 24/7 model. But things haven't stopped there. For people that are too busy to make it to a facility, we have seen a massive growth and acceptance of home workout videos. P90X, Insanity, and so many others have become household names for the convenience they bring to the table. In general individuals are walking , hiking and staying active more than they ever have, in and out of the gyms.

The Internet and Social Media

Not so long ago, before the internet things were shared by word of mouth, TV commercials, newspapers, books and magazines. Often the information was that of business or organizations and it was easier to influence the masses to their point of view (or products). Information was harder to come by and the world was far larger and much more fragmented than it is today.
With the creating of the internet and especially social media, things are easily shared and information is far more accessible. Once a person wanting to make a stand or change things in there life might have felt alone or had few people to relate with. These days there are massive communities that are not only accessible, but can be communicated with. Support and information is just a click away. Anything new or exciting is easily found and new insight into healthier living is readily available. In general people want to feel accepted. They want to know that their are others doing what they are doing and that they aren't the oddball standing alone. The internet allows people to research and make choices. It allows them to stay current and tweak things to make them work within their life. Diets, meals and fitness information has never been easier to come by and has never been more exciting.

Check the label

More and more often you'll see people checking the label of food products, or asking for its nutritional breakdown. This awareness and mentality has spread and evolved into household and more specifically body care products. Its a natural progression for someone that wants to know what is in the food, to want to know "What is in this Body product?" Once upon a time even if one were given the answer they might not know what the answer really meant. But now, the answer is just a click away. With this new information people are continuing to educate themselves and alter their habits. The newest target. Things that go onto their body.
As awareness increases so do the doubts of whether certain items should be going onto ones person. Chemicals and synthetic ingredients have become the norm and while some of these might or might not be healthy over the long run many people are starting to opt to take the safe path and go natural. The benefit to this is that natural products can actually work without risk. Oils, butters, waxes, and muds are loaded with healthy nutrients that your body needs and craves. The current health and beauty segment is experiencing large growth, and that growth is being driven by natural ingredient based products. Like diet and fitness, this segment has started small and will grow over the course of years filling in yet another healthy living aspect that many people value.

Where to start?

Like anything else, the first steps of figuring out what's what can be hardest so we will be creating detailed articles about specific ingredients that can be found in natural body care products. This will be an ongoing series of articles that will essentially create a database of natural oils, butters, waxes, clays, etc and what benefits they provide. Hopefully these will help others enjoy the natural products we are currently benefiting from.

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Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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