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by Paul Koutras May 06, 2017

When growing a beard there are many issues that can rear their ugly head. From intense itching to Beard Dandruff to your facial hair being far too wiry. Fortunately there are ways to remedy them. An obvious point is that keeping your beard clean and combed helps but the single biggest factor in maintaining your beard is moisturizing and conditioning.

Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Wax are a few products that can help with that, but which is best? Beard Oil is the most popular of the 3, so is beard oil the best beard conditioner?

In our books the short answer is yes. Beard Balm and Wax can still do a great job but for just hydration and conditioning, we say Beard Oil is the winner.
Here's why.

Beard Oil Ingredients

Beard Oils are made up 2 main components. The first is carrier oils which are the majority of the product. These natural oils are generally derived from nuts and seeds. Carrier oils have a variety of health benefits but in this case the most valuable thing they offer is that they are fantastic for conditioning hair and skin.


Beard Oil Ingredients

The second part of the mix is the scent. Some products on the market use fragrance oils but to keep things all natural you'll want to stick with essential oils. They smell great, are natural and offer benefits to your skin and hair.

Essential Oils for Beards

List of Beard Oil Benefits

1. Healthy Skin

Before we even start talking about Beard Oils benefits on your actual beard there is your face underneath it. Have you ever heard experts talking about how a healthy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp. Well its true, and its just as true with a beard. Think of your face as the scalp. By applying Beard Oil deep down onto your skin you let the natural oils get to work.

Get Rid of Beard Itch

At the root of each and every hair follicle are sebaceous glands. These produce your bodies natural sebum oil which is needed to nourish and moisturize your beard. As your beard grows in length the glands can't produce enough oil naturally to keep your skin and the hair follicles happy. This varies in time frame but is usually after a few weeks. When this happens your facial hair will start to become less hydrated and your skin will become dry and itchy.
Beard Oil helps to moisturize your face and get rid of the itch. Simple as that.

Get Rid of Beardruff

Like we mentioned above, when the skin becomes dry you will scratch it to relieve the itch. Scratching will loosen up all the dried out skin and it will flake and gather on your clothes under your beard. Not cool.
Add some Beard Oil into the mix and it will feed and hydrate the area getting rid of the itch and the dry flaky skin.

2. Healthy Beard

If your beard is dry it becomes brittle which will lead to breakage and split ends. Add in a cold, dry and windy environment and your facial hair can really take a beating. When the skin and hair follicle are fully moisturized your beard will receive what it needs to be properly conditioned making it stronger and less likely to break.

3. Beard Appearance

Your beard shouldn't appear dull and lifeless. Using beard oil will give it a nice healthy sheen while also making things look fuller. At the end of the day a major benefit of having a beard is in making it look awesome.

4. Scent

While our beard oil is available in unscented varieties there are many scents that help keep your beard smelling amazing. Finding the right scent adds to your personal style.


Scented Beard Oil

As you can see, the whole reason beard oils work is because of how effective they are at conditioning your face and beard. There are many types of carrier oils as well as essential oils meaning results between brands can and will vary. The best beard oil ingredients are those mixed to absorb quickly but are just heavy enough to last most of the day, all without feeling overly greasy.


The best time to apply beard oil is right after washing. After a shower is ideal since all the pores are open and can easily absorb the oil. 

The process of applying oil is pretty straight forward. After you get out of the shower grab your towel and get rid of the moisture still hanging out in your beard. At this point your facial hair should just be slightly damp which is what we want. Now put a few drops in the palm of your hand and start massaging it into your beard. Starting at your skin and the base of your beard toward the ends. Depending on the size of your growth you might need a little more but start with a little and work your way up if you need it. After you have it evenly distributed grab your beard comb and run it through your beard to get your desired style.


Beard Oil isn't exactly a new concept. Although this product has seen a massive boom over the last several years it has been used by wise beard owners for a very long time. Many older cultures have used natural oils to keep there facial hair in good condition and protected from the climate for a very long time.

Despite all this it turns out that a large number of men don't feel a need to use products on their beard. If your intent is to rock a great looking beard then you definitely need to look into what products work best for you and get into a routine. Beard Oils are so popular because they are easy to apply and get great results quickly. If you haven't already, give some a shot. It won't be long before you are wondering how you ever got by without them.

Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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