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by Paul Koutras July 10, 2017

Essential oils are increasing in popularity but what many newcomers don't realize is that they bring far more than a pleasant scent to the table. Each and every E.O (essential oil) carries with it many distinct benefits to your skin, hair, and overall wellness which is why they can often be found in many popular natural products. From beard oil to natural deodorant to diffusers these oils have found their way into many a health conscious individuals daily routine.

What makes these oils so popular and so different from their synthetic fragrance counterparts is that they are natural since they are extracted from natural sources. Fruits, trees, and so many other things can and have been used to give us a massive selection of oil choices that offer up some fantastic health benefits. Synthetic options most often are comprised of ingredients that don't benefit your body and wellness in any way and actually contain items that harm you.
Cedarwood essential oil is extracted from the wood of the Cedarwood tree and not only gives you an amazing woodsy scent but also offers a ton of other benefits.Our Down To Earth beard grooming products lean heavily on Cedar as the largest portion of it scent and hear are the reasons why.


Cedarwood scented Beard Oil

Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Sedative and Relaxant

One of the most overlooked benefits of Cedarwood E.O is that it relieves stress, tension, and anxiety thus soothing and calming the mind. The scent of Cedarwood also helps the body produce Serotonin which the brain converts to Melatonin. Of course Melatonin exists naturally in the body and helps to regulate sleep and wakefulness so an increase will cause gentle fatigue and help give you restful and restorative sleep.

During the day the effects become more of a soothing nature that keep stress and anxiety at bay. Because of this it is very uplifting keeping the individuals outlook positive and increasing their self esteem. This also makes it helpful when used by people with chronic depression.

Hair and Beard Growth

Cedarwood Oil can help with stimulating the follicles and increasing circulation. This leads to increased growth and if you are loosing hair it can help to slow that process down.

Treat Dry Scalp - Beard Dandruff

Cedarwood E.O is great for treating dry and flaking scalp or face under a beard. It moisturizes and also stimulates circulation.


It is an effective antiseptic and defends against germs and toxins. This can be valuable when dealing with any razor cuts while grooming or any ingrown hairs.


Cedarwood Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and works well to relieve discomfort from inflamed joints and tissue simply by inhaling the scent. This is an excellent point for bearded guys that suffer from these symptoms. Just by applying Down To Earth Beard Oil and/or Beard Balm you can minimize joint stiffness!


Down To Earth Beard Balm


Cedarwood essential oil is an antiseborrhoeic which means it can be used to treat the skin condition Seborrhoeic Eczema. Eczema is a disease that is based on the sebaceous glands not working properly. This causes the wrong amount of sebum to be produced which causes an infection in the epidermal cells. By helping to regulate the sebum production it helps in reducing the inflammation. This reduces the skin peeling and redness while the anti-fungal properties aid in treating the infection.


By protecting the pores form letting in harmful microbes or particulate like dust that will cause infection, Cedarwood essential oil helps to eliminate acne quite well.


Cedarwood Essential Oil is an expectorant which helps remove phlegm from your lungs and respiratory tract. If you have a cough or cold this oil can help reduce congestion as well as headaches and red/watery eyes due to the cold. Simply by applying your Down To Earth Beard Oil or Beard Balm before bed you can help loosen the phlegm so the coughing can remove it.


Cedarwood Oil is a great natural bug repellent so by wearing your Cedarwood Beard Oil and smelling great you will repel mosquitoes, flies and other irritating bugs. This works out great for those outdoor get togethers, hikes, or camping trips.



Oh ya... did I mention that Cedarwood smells amazing!


As you can see there are a huge amount of benefits to this one essential oil alone. At Primitive Outpost we like to mix a number of essential oils together for a unique scent with a broader scope of benefits. Add in the positives from natural carrier oils and butters and you have natural, healthy beard grooming products that works on so many levels.

We understand that many people like to keep to a certain scent with multiple products so we made sure to make our signature scents an entire line. Down To Earth is available in Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Shaving Oil, Deodorant, Body/Beard Wash, as well as Solid Cologne. Feel free to browse the site to get the details on the many great Cedarwood scented products we offer.

Down To Earth Solid Cologne

Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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