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by Tina Koutras January 28, 2017

Arnica Oil is a little know product that has incredible healing properties. How this amazing oil has managed to fly under the mainstream radar for so long is beyond me.

Arnica's Background

Arnica is yellow herbaceous plant that is part of the sunflower family. It grows mainly in Siberia and central Europe though it can also be found in the temperate climates of North America. It usually grows to heights of two feet with flowers up to 3 inches long and resembling Daisies.

Also well known as Wolf's Bane it has been used for healing since the 1500's for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation.


What Arnica helps with

The secret compound contained in this oil is Helenalin, which is powerful anti-inflammatory which is even known to help with arthritis. You'll also find  a descent fatty acid profile which includes; Linolenic, Myristic, Palmitic, and Thymol (which is well proven antibacterial). 

As a topical healing salve or ointment it is widely used to treat bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing or bug bite inflammation. It can even relieve things like stiffness from being in set positions for long periods of time (example: long flights, or long drives). 

Due to its amazing healing properties Arnica can be found in Primitive Outposts INK’D Tattoo Balm and INK’D Tattoo Oil.

Tina Koutras
Tina Koutras

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