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by Paul Koutras April 17, 2017

Beeswax also known as Cera Alba, is a natural wax that is produced by worker honey bees. This substance creates a layer of protection for the hive and also aids in keeping the hive free of contaminants and infections. Although this wax is edible it serves us much better when used in a wide variety of skin and hair products. 

Historic Use

For centuries this natural wax has been and still is used to make candles. To this day they are still though of as some of the healthiest candles to burn since they don't produce much soot or smoke and even more importantly, they don't produce toxins when burned. In fact its quite the opposite as they help to neutralize pollutants, dust, mold, pollen, and toxins in the air. Many an allergy sufferer has found relief simply by burning natural, beeswax candles to essentially fix the air around them.

Look into the past you'll find that the Romans used Beeswax to soften skin, and the Ancient Egyptians used it to make paint. It has even been found in prehistoric dentistry where  6500 year old remains from the Neolithic times were found with beeswax having been jammed into a tooth to create a crude form of filling. Clearly the benefits it provides and its multitude of uses is not a new discovery.

Current Use

If you've been looking into natural alternatives to many of your regular products, you've no doubt noticed that Beeswax finds its way into a many of them. The reason for this is simple. It's a great substitute to petroleum based and other synthetic thickening agents which have a long list of negatives. Simply put it will safely help thicken or harden formulas while at the same time imparting a great many benefits. 

On Skin

1. Protective Layer

Cera Alba forms a protective layer but unlike Petroleum based products it won't clog pores and it won't suffocate the skin. This protective layer will ward off negative environmental effects and reduce dryness by locking in moisture. These are many but not all of the reasons you'll often see it used in natural lip balms

2. Reduce Wrinkles and Age Spots

This natural wax is loaded in Vitamin A. That's a big deal because Vit A has been proven to help with reducing age spots and wrinkles, as well as rejuvenating, hydrating, exfoliating, and repairing damaged skin cells.

3. Hypoallergenic Means Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Beeswax can be tolerated by pretty much any skin type, including those with very sensitive skin. If you are affected by dry, itchy skin but have a hard time finding something gentle enough to help, as odd as it sounds, throw a little of this wax on it.

4. Emmolient and Humectant

When you put Beeswax on your skin it will attract water molecules, seal them in help to keep it hydrated and in turn soften the skin.

5. Combat Acne

Beeswax is fantastic at combating acne. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory making it ideal to reduce the immediate visible effects of acne while at the same time cleaning out the infection. 

6. Reduce Stretch Marks

To find out how to reduce the cause and effects of stretch marks, lets have a look at what they are. Stretch marks have been called  dermal atrophic scars with epidermal thinning due to decreased collagen  and elastic fiber. Collagen has also been labelled as an important part of the wound healing process. 

It just so happens that Vitamin A is very helpful in collagen production, and we know that Beeswax is loaded in Vit. A. We also know that other properties of the wax keep the skin hydrated and healthy, providing good natural elasticity. Collagen and elasticity are both key factors in reducing the occurrence or visibility of stretch marks and Beeswax helps with both. Sounds like a winner to me.

7. Treat Jock Itch and Fungal Infections

Jock itch and other various fungal infections are far from pleasant but can treated naturally with Beeswax. The moisture it provides helps with reducing the itch, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that Beeswax mixed with honey and a moisturizing carrier oil can combat and reduce these types of infections greatly.

8. Cuts, Burns and Wounds

The Vitamin A found in Beeswax helps produce collagen which helps with the wound healing process. Add in the facts of it also being a moisturizer, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and that it creates a barrier to keep things protected and clean, and you'll see why it's the perfect base ingredient to create healing salves with.

Benefits of Beeswax on Hair

9. Healthy Scalp and Hair

Many of the very same reasons that you would use it on your skin also apply to your hair and of course your scalp. It's ability to create a protective barrier and seal in moisture without blocking pores and allowing things to breathe naturally is a huge starting point. 

10. Style It

Beeswax is great at thickening grooming and body care recipes and if left concentrated enough can be a champ at styling hair. You get a natural look but can still have enough hold to get almost any style. If you are looking for a moderate hold with lots of volume and matte appearance you can check out our  Hair Clay made with both  Rhassoul Clay and Kaolin Clay.

As you can see, beeswax is a very versatile product with a large number of health benefits. Not only does it serve a purpose in creating a firmer consistency in various products, it also offers a lot to your overall skin health. 



Paul Koutras
Paul Koutras

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